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A Quality Built Pergola is the perfect way to turn your backyard into a great new living area. Providing shade, it's great for backyard parties, hangin out with the family, just relaxing... or even to create the perfect focal point for your garden area.

Pergola Applications

Pergola Applications Indianapolis, IN

Pergolas are cost-effective amenities that can be installed in homes and commercial properties. In fact, they are highly recommended for outdoor improvement projects because of the outstanding benefits that they provide to property owners. For one, they make outdoor spaces more functional by creating new living spaces. This structure is also the perfect feature to install if you want to dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor area. Moreover, a professionally designed pergola offers a welcoming ambiance and a more relaxing outdoor environment. It will allow you to stay longer in the outdoors and have fun-filled activities with your family and friends. And, since there are a lot of possible pergola applications, there is always a perfect spot for this feature in your property. Call us now at (463) 999-6909 or (331) 575-5325 if you want to learn more about the vital functions and uses of this shade structure.

Quality Built Pergolas manufactures top-quality pergolas for residential and commercial applications. We use only the finest raw materials to ensure the durability of every pergola kit that we produce. As a well-experienced manufacturer, we make sure that our products are designed to satisfy our clients' needs and design taste. The large number of satisfied clients that we have served in KY, IN, OH, MI, MO, IL, and WI is a proof that we are able to surpass their expectations. If your next project involves outdoor improvement or creating new functional spaces, please dial our hotlines. You will not only get top-notch products but also tips and ideas on pergola applications.

Awesome Pergolas for Homes

Majority of pergola applications are found in residential properties. This wood structure is commonly installed as an added amenity in a residential backyard. It is primarily used as a shade structure in outdoor living spaces and open areas. A predominantly green landscape will also look more interesting with the addition of a pergola. You can install it in the middle of a garden or as an accent on other landscape features. When strategically installed, it can make the outdoor space more functional and more appealing. Home improvement contractors and landscapers will recommend this amenity regardless of the scale of your project. A pergola is also the preferred add-on feature because it is cheaper to install compared to building a traditional roofed-structure.

The common pergola applications that we highly recommend for homes include the following:

  • Concrete patios
  • Pool decks
  • Paver patios
  • Garden areas
  • Porches
  • Walkways
  • Rooftops

Commercial Use of Pergolas

The use of pergolas in commercial properties is now becoming a common practice. This is not surprising since a pergola can effectively improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any area in a commercial property. It can even be used as a focal feature in a commercial landscape. Some business owners install pergolas near water features and gardens while others use them as shade structures in waiting areas.

If you are a business owner who wants to improve the look of your business premises or you want a new feature that will attract more customers, then the pergola is your perfect option. Below are typical pergola applications in commercial properties:

  • Hotels and community poolsides
  • Park district facilities
  • Outdoor restaurant seating
  • Hospital courtyards
  • Country clubs and other sports facilities
  • Senior living facilities

For more ideas on pergola applications in homes and commercial properties, please call Quality Built Pergolas.


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