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Creating Your Perfect Patio: Shade Structures Vs. Privacy Structures

Patio, Indianapolis, IN Your backyard patio has the potential to become an extension of your living space and provide a beautiful outdoor area for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying the weather. While the patio surface itself is vital, the types of structures you add impact the function and ambiance of the space. Two important considerations are sun/UV protection and privacy.

Should you incorporate more shade elements or privacy features in your patio design? Here, the Quality Built Pergolas team discusses the differences between shade and privacy structures when creating your ideal outdoor oasis.

Shade Structure Options to Choose From

Effective patio shade structures block UV rays and reduce heat and glare, and some top options to choose from include:

  • Patio Covers - Attached solid roof patio covers supported by posts or beams provide excellent overhead shade and protection from sun and rain. They create an outdoor room that expands the living space. Conservative designs blend with homes, while elaborate options make bold statements.

  • Patio Awnings - These retractable fabric shade systems mount above patios to provide adjustable sun protection. They unroll from a protective cover to extend over the patio, then retract when not needed. Manual or motorized systems make it easy to control coverage. Patio awnings come in standard sizes or can be custom fit to cover large areas, and their sloped shape encourages water runoff.

  • Patio Roofs - Freestanding patio roofs offer customizable coverage across your patio's seating, dining, and activity areas. Patio roof frames stand on sturdy posts secured in concrete footings. Waterproof and UV-resistant roofing materials create shade from precipitation and sunlight.

  • Patio Canopy - Patio canopies are fabric shade structures mounted on frames over all or part of a patio. The sloped canopy shape and light filtering create a cooling shade ideal for warm climates. Stylish designs and color options complement outdoor décor. Canopies fold up or down as needed.

Types of Privacy Structures

While shade shelters you from sun exposure, privacy structures establish a sense of seclusion, concealment, and intimacy within your outdoor living area. Here are prime choices to provide privacy:

  • Arbors - These are garden structures with latticework or trellis sides supporting open slatted roofs. They create shaded pathways and transitions between patio areas. The crisscross lattice pattern on the sides provides privacy while allowing light and airflow. Custom arbors made of weather-resistant wood blend organic style and function, and they can be freestanding or mounted to an existing wall or fence.

  • Trellises - Free-standing or wall-mounted trellises boost patio privacy in an attractive, natural style. The crisscross lattice design partially obscures views, allowing breezes and dappled sunlight to filter through. These features come in modular wood, plastic, or metal panels that professionals can arrange in various configurations and heights for custom privacy solutions.

For more information about our shade and privacy structures, please call Quality Built Pergolas on 463-999-6909. Alternatively, you can email us through this Contact Us form, and we will respond shortly.
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