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Transform Your Patio with Shade Structures: A Complete Guide

Do you currently have a patio that needs a cover? Would you like to be able to sit outside on your patio no matter what the weather is like? In the following article, we will be discussing the addition of a shade structure to your existing patio. We will be going over various options that will surely transform how you utilize your outdoor space for the better!
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Cost-Effective To Premium: Pavilion Designs for Every Budget

Are you thinking about adding an outdoor structure to really take your property to another level? Are you looking for something that will not only add aesthetic appeal and function; but something that will also add value to your home? If the answer is yea, then the following article will be a great read for you. We will be discussing various pavilion designs that will be suitable for a range of budgets!
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What To Choose for Your Garden: Trellis, Arbor, or Pergola

In the following article we will be discussing the structure to choose for your garden space. The main types of structures we will talk about are pergolas, arbors, and trellises. Each one of these will add aesthetic appeal and functionality to your outdoor spaces. We will talk about each feature in the hopes of possibly helping you make the right choice for your property!
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Creating Your Perfect Patio: Shade Structures Vs. Privacy Structures

Many structures serve hybrid roles. For instance, a pergola covered with leafy vines provides both dappled shade and a sense of solitude, while an L-shaped trellis wall blocks views on two sides, letting sunshine filter through. Get creative in achieving shade and privacy goals to enjoy your patio space from morning to night. During your patio redesign, a landscape professional can help assess sun patterns, test privacy sight lines, and incorporate structures to enhance both elements.
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Pavilion Trends For 2024: Create Your Outdoor Oasis

As the trends evolve in 2024, incorporating the trends discussed above into your pavilion can elevate your outdoor living experience. Investing in skilled professionals for your pavilion and other outdoor structure requirements is crucial in turning your outdoor oasis dreams into a stunning reality. They will work with you to understand your styling requirements and design the perfect pavilion for your property.
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5 Tips to Prepare Your Yard for a New Pergola

When adding a pergola to your yard, always work with proven installers for the best outcomes. Experienced professionals can ensure proper installation, use high-quality materials, and adhere to local regulations. This approach guarantees a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing pergola that complements your outdoor space. Take your time with inexperienced installers; invest in trusted experts to create the perfect outdoor retreat you can enjoy for years.
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How To Maintain Your Pergola or Pavilion

Is your pergola or pavilion looking a little worse for wear? Are you looking for tips on how to maintain your pergola or pavilion rather than having to replace it? well this is the ideal article for you to have a read of. We will be talking about some of the many ways in which you can maintain your pergolas and pavilions. Some of the maintenance tips includes things such as regular cleaning, fixing damages when they occur, applying fresh paint or sealers, using covers or shade cloths, trimming all vegetation surrounding your pergola or pavilion.
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5 Benefits of a Pre-Built Pergola

If you are thinking about installing a pergola in your outdoor space, then this is a great article for you to have a read of. We are going to talk about the top five benefits of purchasing a pre-built pergola kit. Some of the benefits we will be looking sat includes faster delivery, custom sizes available, faster installation time, and a more cost-effective option. There are no surprises with a pre-built pergola kit, you have everything you need included and it is just a matter of having it built!
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Why You Need A Pergola Installer?

There are so many benefits to hiring a professional pergola installation company and in the following article we will try and cover as many of those as we can. If you want to ensure that your new pergola is built to last then think seriously about hiring a company like us here at Quality Built Pergolas for all your pergola and pavilion needs. we have all the experience and the knowledge to provide you with the best outdoor structure for your property!
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Is It Better To Buy Or Build A Pergola?

Whether it serves as a shade structure for a patio and deck or stands on its own, a new pergola can dramatically uplift the look and feel of your outdoor space. Pergolas are commonplace, many of which can be traced back to kits purchased online. But if you want something special to boost your home's curb appeal, is that the best choice? A custom-made and custom-built pergola has many advantages over prefabricated ones since you get to select every design element.
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Benefits of Amish-Made Pergolas

You should make the most of your property, including a yard area or landscape. In the same way, that greenery brings vitality and freshness to the surrounding area, outdoor constructions such as pergolas make these open spaces more usable. Find a company that specializes in outdoor structures and offers a variety of Amish-made pergolas to meet your needs. In this article we will be talking about all the benefits gained when you acquire an Amish-made pergola.
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Patio Shade Structures Ideas

In this article we would like to talk about the various patio shade structure ideas that we often suggest to our clients. There is no doubt that the addition of an outdoor shade structure is going to provide you with so many extra benefits. Not only will you be adding a shaded area for relaxing and entertaining; but you will also be adding value and aesthetic appeal to the outdoor space on your property. This needs careful consideration and we at Quality Build Pergolas are always here to offer our professional advice!
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Tips for Hiring a Pavilion Builder

If you are considering getting a custom pavilion built in your backyard, you can be sure that this feature will add dimension and perspective to your outdoor space. However, for that you will need a skilled and experienced pavilion builder. Here at Quality Built Pergolas, we have a range of Pavilion kits that will add aesthetic appeal and functionality to your landscape setting. We can also help you have it installed by experienced professionals.
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The Difference Between Pergolas and Pavilions

If you have outdoor areas on your premises, you will want to use them to the fullest. While you will want to have some greenery around, you cannot really enjoy these spaces until you install some outdoor structure where you can sit and admire your gardens. This is where pergolas and pavilions come into the picture. Most people use these two terms interchangeably. Let us give you some more information on these two structures.
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5 Backyard Pavilion Ideas

A backyard pavilion lends a feeling of luxury and adds elegance and value to your home. It provides good protection from the elements, allowing you to make better use of your yard spaces regardless of the season. We have a variety of pavilion kits that you can choose from or we can assist you in custom design of your own unique pavilion. You will add function, practicality and a statement piece to your backyard!
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Pergola Applications

There are so many different areas of your residential or commercial property where a beautiful pergola can be installed. The wonderful thing about a pergola is that it is such a statement feature because of the way they are typically constructed. Traditionally made from timber; a pergola is a structural focal point that can also be very functional and practical!
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Pergolas Are On Trend

This is the ideal article for any property owner thinking about the addition of a pergola in their outdoor space. The articles will discuss how ‘on trend’ pergolas are these days and really gives some great suggestions for handling the whole process. One of the most important things is to get the services of a professional company like us here at Quality Built Pergolas!
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Hiring A Pergola Company

Pergolas are awesome additions to any outdoor space, whether residential or commercial property. They create spots for rest and relaxation, transform dull areas into beautiful spaces, and make other outdoor features more functional and appealing. Choose a professional pergola company like the team at Quality Built Pergolas, call them today for all you need to know about installing a pergola on your property!
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Commercial Pergola Tips

If you have a commercial property and are thinking of building a pergola then this is a great article for you to have a read. There are commercial-sized pergola kits that you can purchase or you can hire the highly experienced team at Quality Built Pergolas to build you a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Talk to one of our friendly staff members today for all you need to know about commercial pergolas!
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Why Choose Pergola Kits?

If you fancy yourself a bit of a DIY enthusiast and would like to have a go at building your own pergola then we have just the solution for you. Why not use a pergola kit? In the kit you will have all the pieces needed to construct the pergola of your choice. And best of all you will have had a hand in it all and can be proud of your creation!
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Pergola Design Ideas

A pergola is a wonderful way of adding a seating area to your outdoor space while at the same time creating a statement feature that will add so much appeal to your property. A pergola is traditionally made from fine timber but we can design you a pergola using almost any type of material that you may have in mind!
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Pergola Considerations

At Quality Built Pergolas we believe that the outdoor living space of your property can be just as important as the indoor living space. The reason is that nowadays we know that we can do so much with our outdoors and really make it work for us by providing us with areas to entertain or just simply sit and relax, contact us for a free consultation on your pergola project!
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